The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini

The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini

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Mp3 / CD release date 9th December 2016. The LP will be released on the 3rd February 2017. The LP is a deluxe package featuring beautiful artwork which can be seen in the below video and gallery image.

Rough Trade will release a collaborative album by Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra on the 9th December. This is a live album containing nine Emiliana Torrini songs from her catalog along with two brand new songs. “Nightfall,” written by Kid Koala and Torrini and “When We Dance” written by Jespers, Proesmans, and Torrini. The latter reflects the musical chemistry the three musicians developed during the process of rehearsal and performance for the Colorist concerts.

The group created a new world out of the music, and while Torrini admitted that she could barely recognise many of her own songs in the rearrangements, the collaboration – from emails and Skype calls to rehearsals, sound-checks, and finally, the live concerts – came together organically and beautifully, with Torrini’s talent elevating the Colorist ensemble’s creativity, and the group helping her rediscover the joy and the power within her own songs in this new light.

1. Caterpillar
2. Blood Red
3. Serenade
4. When We Dance
5. Speed Of Dark
6. Nightfall
7. Today Has Been OK
8. Jungle Drum
9. Thinking Out Loud
10. Gun
11. Bleeder