Pantha Du Prince - Winter Hymn EP

Pantha Du Prince - Winter Hymn EP

Pantha Du Prince - Winter Hymn EP

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We are thrilled to announce the first new music from Hendrik Weber – a.k.a Pantha Du Prince - since his 2013 collaboration with The Bell Laboratory, and the first proper Pantha Du Prince release in six years.

Pantha Du Prince’s 2010 masterpiece, long-player Black Noise, is well acknowledged to have expanded both the sonic and emotional possibilities of minimal techno; the songs’ warmth, intricacy, and creative boundary-pushing, have earned him a seat in the Pantheon of modern electronic music, alongside contemporaries like Burial, Four Tet, or The Field.

With his wildly-anticipated new music, Weber expands his scope: the crystalline delicacy of “The Winterhymn” is deeply evocative of the track’s namesake season; “Post human palisades” finds him merging electronic and organic instrumentation into a delicate narrative of alienation and other, bolstered by a pulsing dance floor heartbeat; and “Dream Yourself Awake” is filmic and transfixing

Track Listing:

A1. The Winter Hymn (feat. Queens)

A2. Post human palisades (feat. Kassian & Bendik) -

B1. Dream Yourself Awake (Long Version)