JARV IS - Must I Evolve 12"

JARV IS -  Must I Evolve 12

JARV IS - Must I Evolve 12"

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Release Date: 13 September 2019

Jarv Is…. The group, which features Jarvis Cocker additional members Serafina Steer, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Jason Buckle and Adam Betts release their sprawling, rhetorical-question-filled anthem 'Must I Evolve?'. It's a slow banger that builds and builds into a hypnotic and insistent gem. This is further proof that Jarvis can do no wrong. Backed with David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved rework 'Must I Evolve?', on the re-work Jarvis says: “David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia invited Catherine Rebeiro, Ennio Morricone, The Vampires of Dartmoor, Jean-Claude Vannier, La Düsseldorf, Alan Vega, Sergio Leone, Dario Argento & Jaromil Jireš to our Rave in the Cave”


Must I Evolve? (original version)
Must I Evolve? (David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved rework)

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